What’s a better way to lift your mood, give you energy, and make you feel and look great?  Nothing beats exercise!

I am not a personal trainer or a fitness instructor.   I am just someone who loves what exercise does for me.   I am an extremely competitive person.  Most of my life I competed against myself.  I always wanted to run faster, run farther, bike more hills, etc.   One day I decided I wasn’t having any fun anymore.  So I took a break.

I have now re-entered the fitness world with a whole new outlook.   No longer do I need to prove myself, to me or to anyone else.   What a freeing feeling.  I now enjoy my exercise routines so much more.   I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, as long as I do something every day.

I have done many century (100 mile) bike rides, half-marathons (never had the urge to do a full marathon), and one triathlon (one was more than enough).   I am now just running and cycling for fun, and I throw in some swimming and strength training occasionally to get some cross training.

Join me in my journey as I blog my hopes and dreams and you will inspire me to keep going!

Welcome aboard- enjoy the ride!