Invitation to Well-Being thru Exercise

Today I extend an invitation to all of you.   I invite everyone to jump on the well-being train.   This is not the same as wellness.  Wellness is concerned with your body and your health.   Well-being is for your mind, body and soul.   It is the complete package.  It is the route to happiness.   Unhealthy people can be happy, and healthy people can be unhappy.  But if you have well-being, you have health and happiness and a true enjoyment of

Your well-being is tied to many factors, starting with your philosophy of life – the spiritual or meaning of life.  It is also influenced by culture, motivational, and psychological factors. Your lifestyle and behavior are also determining factors.

One of the best ways to achieve well-being is through a good exercise program.  good-moodBeing active is one of the best ways to achieve a sense of completeness, a true mind/body/soul connection.

What does exercise do to influence  well-being?  It reduces stress, depression and anxiety.  It raises self-esteem.  It increases stress resilience.  It gives us a time out from our normal life.   It increases our sense of fun, leading to a positive attitude.  It makes us more alert.   It makes life more fun.


Of course, exercise is just one small part of achieving a holistic sense of mind/body/soul.  It means eating healthy foods, getting a good night’s sleep, practicing mindfulness, giving to others, learning new things, and nourishing relationships.   All of these things go into psychological well-being, but exercise is certainly a stepping stone to a happier, healthier lifestyle.


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