Cancer and Exercise- Must Watch Video!

Anyone with a family history of cancer should watch this video – it makes a great argument for exercise!!   It’s only 2 minutes but packs a powerful punch!


Bicycling is Awesome!

I love to ride my bicycle.  bikeI have been riding a bike since I can remember.  I grew up in a small town where if we wanted to go anywhere, we could walk or bike to get there. I biked to school, to the pool in the summer,  to the shopping centers, anywhere and everywhere.  It was safe, lots of wide sidewalks, and everyone knew everyone.   At the time, it was the best mode of transportation, before we were old enough to drive.   We didn’t care what we rode – we dressed them up, with streamers on the handle bars and baseball cards in the spokes.   I even had a tandem bike that I rode with my twin sister all over town- oh the fun we had with that!tandem

When I got out of school and got a job, I rode my bike 10 miles to work every day, and 10 miles home again.  I would load my kids up onto my trusty Fuji bike and drop them at the babysitters, then off I would go to work.  Fortunately I lived in Houston where is is mostly flat.  Unfortunately I lived in Houston where it is mostly hot and humid. Fortunately I had showers in my office so I could be presentable for the day.

I became hooked on cycling.  I went to the Velodrome in Houston every Friday and watched the races. I subscribed to Bicycling magazine and read every issue cover to cover.  I signed up and rode in several 150 mile charity rides as well as some centuries. I never tired of being on my bike.  Both of my sons grew up on bicycles, and would join me in my long treks around Texas.

When I moved to Virginia, I was introduced to hills.  To me they were mountains.hills My 15 year old Fuji went up on hooks in the garage and stayed there for years.  I finally decided to start riding again about 10 years ago.  I bought a new bicycle and off I went.  I haven’t stopped riding since.  I have ridden all over Virginia and Maryland.  There are hundreds of great places to ride and many I haven’t discovered yet.   Whether it is road cycling or mountain biking, it’s great for riding!

Why do I like bicycling so much?   Once you get over the sore butt and nether regions it is the most freeing activity I know. Much like swimming, it is a solo sport, but so much better.  life is betterYou see things that you never notice when you are in a car.  You smell things that you never smell when driving (and believe me sometimes you don’t want to smell).  It is not as hard as running, but just as beneficial.  It never feels too hot while riding, because there is always a breeze.  It’s so much better for the environment too.  Bike To Work Day has become a huge thing here in Virginia and D.C.  It shapes your legs and butt.  It saves money on gas, as it runs on fat, not fuel.  Life is just better on a bicycle.  So get out and ride – you will love it!

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