Open for Business and Renewed Motivation

Open!   The new gym is open!  Sometimes, it takes something new to regain our motivation. Many years ago, I used to belong to a gym that had a pool, but due to development in our county, they had to tear down the gym to make room for apartments.   So a new gym was opened but had no pool. However, recently a brand new, $13 million dollar facility was opened, with not one, but three pools!  pool

I have been so motivated to go to the gym now especially so I can swim.  I am so motivated in fact that I am looking into getting certified as  a group cycling and fitness instructor.   In addition to the pools, they have a wonderful gym and cycling studio.

I see a niche for classes for us older folks – something between the intense classes that are designed for 30 somethings and the seated chair exercise classes for the disabled or for seniors.  A healthy, fit adult like myself cannot keep up with the younger crowd, even though I am very fit.  My body just doesn’t do what it used to. So I am going to teach a class for Seniors that will be toned down from the insane velocity of the younger crowd, but more energetic than the seated crowd.  Yay for me as I approach 60 – motivated to try something new and soon my classes will be open for business!

good for you


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