Struggling with Exercise

I am sitting here writing this instead of going to the gym.  Some days it is such a struggle for me to get motivated.  I can make all kinds of excuses, as I’ve stated before.  In fact, I have it down to a science!   struggle

But I will go.   I will struggle into my gym clothes, I will struggle with the school bus traffic to get there (one more week and this struggle will be gone in my neighborhood), I will struggle with lifting weights, which I so hate to do.

After lifting weights I will swim.  Trying to get out of a wet sports bra is probably the biggest struggle I will face all day – especially when my arms are tired from lifting. You males have no idea how difficult this is!sports bra

Anyway, once liberated from the constraints of the wet sports bra, I will then shower and struggle into the pool and only then I will be in nirvana. Swimming is no struggle for me and it takes me into a blissful zone, all alone where I can think, dream, pray, zone out, meditate, or wherever else my mind takes me. Only then I will start to get motivated.  I will feel good and I will be glad that I went to the gym. Writing about swimming has made me convinced to go – struggle or no, I will get there, I will love it and I will be glad I went!  Struggle no more!   I am on my way – over and out!swim

Update:   I have done the deed – it is finished!   I wore my swimsuit under my gym clothes to work out in – not comfortable but at least I avoided the wet bra struggle. 🙂

good for you





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