Rebuilding from the Ground Up

Our bodies are muscles.   They need exercise.   It is always so difficult to get to a certain point in our lives where our bodies are where we want them to be.   We work and push and try so hard to build more muscle, get leaner, lose weight, get stronger.

And then life happens.  Something gets in the way- an injury, a life-changing event (think new baby, or a death in the family or a new work schedule).   For me, it is about my retirement.  Before I retired, I got up at and in the gym by 5 am every morning.  It was part of my routine.  After retirement, I vowed never to set an alarm again.  I thought I would have all day every day to go to the gym.  But this is not true – I am very busy (I don’t know how I ever had time for a job, actually!) Without a routine and a set time, I have become lax in my workout.  I still go but the routine is lost.

What is so disappointing to me is that what takes months to build up, takes weeks to fall down.  In such a short amount of time we can lose all the muscle tone.  We can diet for weeks to lose 10 pounds, but regain it in days.  Then we have to rebuild from the ground up.

In order to rebuild, it is important to realize that you can’t start where you left off.  If you used to run half marathons, you can’t jump right back in and run 10 miles.  You have to start slow and rebuild.  You have to realize that your body needs the time to regenerate the muscle.  This can be discouraging and maybe you will decide you can never get back to where you were.  Don’t give up!

Rebuilding takes effort, patience and time.  Don’t push yourself into injury or discouragement.  Take your time, work at it slowly and you will eventually get back to your former beautiful self!

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