Transformation from the Inside Out

Exercise is all about transformation.  We work out to transform our bodies into something beautiful, inside and out. Sometimes it takes time to see the transformation, but it is happening, like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon.butterfly

When we go to the gym, or we run or walk outside, or we exercise in our basement, we are slowly transforming from the inside out. It is not so important to see the benefits on the outside (although this is an excellent side benefits), but it is extremely important to transform the inside.


I have an identical twin sister.  We are alike in so many ways, but very different in our exercise patterns. While I have been a runner since my track team days in high school, and have religiously gone to the gym, she has not exercised over the years.  She is always so busy, with work and grandkids, and gardening, etc.  She is not a couch potato by any means, but she doesn’t set aside time for exercise.   I spent 20 years getting up at 5am to get to the gym before work.  I swim, run, bike, strength train, and do various classes.

Do I see the difference between my twin and I?  Absolutely!   She has high cholesterol, bad knees, lack of energy, stomach issues…. the list goes on.   And me?  I have no issues, no medications, nothing.  My doctor cannot believe that at my age (59) I am not on some sort of medication for high cholesterol or high blood pressure, or pre-diabetic (it runs in my family).

The transformation has not happened overnight.  It has been a long road, and it must continue.   Every time I want to stop, I think about my health and compare myself to my sister and I get right back on that train.   I will continue until my body quits on me.  If I can’t run, I’ll walk.  If I can’t lift heavy weights, I’ll do more reps with lighter weights.   I will not quit.  I will keep the transformation going until the last breath leaves my body.   I am a beautiful butterfly

good for you


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