Anger : Bad zoo keeping or bad parenting?

harambeThis post is off topic today, but because the word of the day is anger, I thought I would post this here because I am angry.

I am sure that all of you have read about the killing of the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo.  There are no winners in this story.  I am angry at the zoo for making the decision to shoot the gorilla, an endangered species.  I am angry at the parents for allowing their child to roam into the enclosure.   I am angry at all of the outrage from everyone who now thinks that they are experts on zoo-keeping and parenting.

Do I have an opinion?  Yes.    I will not share it because enough has been said on both sides.  There is no right or wrong in this case.  I can understand and sympathize with both sides.  However, it angers me that a gorilla had to lose it’s life.  It angers me that the parents are receiving death threats.  It angers me that people are trying to make this a racist issue – really?

I  would love to hear your comments and opinons – are you angry?


7 thoughts on “Anger : Bad zoo keeping or bad parenting?

  1. My friends and I were legitimately just discussing this matter. I agree with you when you say that you sympathise with each side and that it angers you knowing that a poor gorilla had it’s life taken away. I really enjoyed this post and seeing others opinions on this situation!

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