Put the Blankety, Blank, Blank Weights Away!

Don’t you just hate going to the gym and running into bad gym etiquette?   It is rampant in every gym I have ever been in.  Everyone knows the rules, but for some reason, so many people think they don’t apply to them.    Below are my top 10 pet peeves (in no particular order)- please make sure they don’t apply to you!

  1.  Don’t hoard the machines or equipment. etiq1
    If you are done, move on.  If you are super-setting, don’t chat between sets and tie up two machines. Stay close the equipment that you are using.  Don’t take 5 sets of dumbbells – you can’t use them all at once.  Bottom line : Be considerate and realize that others are waiting to use the machines and equipment.

2. Put equipment away when you are done with it.   etiq4Nothing is more irritating than having to unrack the weights or go in search of a dumbbell because people don’t think the rules apply to them.

3. Control your electronics.   etiq6Put your cellphone down – you can live for one hour without chatting or texting.  If you have enough breath to chat on the treadmill, you aren’t working hard enough.   Turn your headphones down – not everyone is interested in hearing your music or hear you singing along. And enough with the selfies!   Save that for home.

4.  Wipe down the equipment when you are done.  etiq5Laying in other people’s sweat is just gross.  Not to mention unhealthy – think bacteria.   Nuf said.


5. Don’t give advice to strangers unless asked.   etiq7Even if you see someone with terrible form, it is not necessary to be a know-it-all and offer advice (unless you are a personal trainer).



6. No grunting and dropping  (slamming) weights. etiq8  Sometimes during a maximum workout, this is unavoidable.  But when done constantly, it seems like a plea for attention- “look at me!”   If you are only using 10 lb. dumbbells, there is no need to sound like an animal.  And dropping barbells or dumbbells on the floor is not good for the weights, or the floors.


7. Wear proper attire, and don’t gawk.etiq10
We all go to the gym to work out.   We like to be noticed.  But some people dress for show.  When I go to the gym, I am there to sweat.  No makeup, no fancy hair, no booty shorts.  It is not a fashion show.  Same for the guys – tank tops are great but don’t go shirtless, please. If you dress for looks, then don’t complain when people stare.  One of the biggest reasons people (mostly women) are intimidated in the gym is because others stare at them and make them feel uncomfortable.  So dress appropriately, prepare to sweat, and please don’t stare at others.  Remember that all obese people have to start their journey somewhere, and won’t return if others are laughing at them or worse yet, taking photos to share.  

8. Locker room etiquette – use a towel, pleaseetiqq11   

Not everyone is comfortable watching you parade around naked in the locker room.  Please be considerate of others and wrap a towel around yourself.  We don’t all need to see you ripped you are.  And use the hair dryer for your hair, not to dry your armpits or other unmentionable places.


9.  Use deodorant and wash your clothes between workouts.etiq12

Sweating at the gym is good for you, and shows you are working hard.  But putting deodorant on before hand is good for those around you. It is also a good idea to have several sets of gym clothes. Nothing is worse than being chased off of a machine because the person next to you smells so bad. It would also be very embarrassing to have a staff member ask you to shower. Let’s have good hygiene, please!

10.   Don’t interrupt someone’s workout to chat – if the headphones are in, leave them alone. etiq13

Many people are very serious about their workouts.  The gym is not their social hour.  If you see someone working hard, with or without headphones, do not interrupt them to chat.   Saying hi is fine, but if they keep looking at the weight bench, it’s because they want to get back to work.



Hope you have a great workout!

good for you


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