Power of Suggestion: Keeping a Positive Mindset

Try this simple experiment.   Have a friend stand in front of you.  Extend your arms straight out to the side armsand have them push down by placing their first two fingers on each wrist. Try to resist them.   This is your base strength.

Now relax, close your eyes, and say out loud four or five times:  “I am strong”   Now do the exercise again with your friend.   Do you notice that they cannot push your arms down as far as they could before?   Try the reverse – repeat “I am weak and unworthy” at least 4-5 times.  They will easily be able to push your arms down.

The brain is a powerful tool.   It is all in your mindset.   30 seconds of positive or negative suggestions can influence your workout and affect your performance.  It is important to always approach a workout with a “can-do” attitude.   If you go into a workout with a negative mindset, saying to yourself that you are tired, or that you can’t lift that much weight, or thinking “I really suck at this”, you will defeat yourself before you start.

There have been many studies done with athletes who are given placebos, but told that they are receiving an energy booster, or a performance enhancer.   In every case, the athletes perform better, even though they received nothing more than a placebo.  It is purely the power of suggestion that affects their performance.   The mind will easily do this.

So spend 5 minutes, perhaps while you are stretching or doing a warm up, repeating positive affirmations to yourself, and see how your performance improves.  You will be surprised at the difference it can make!

good for you


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