Hiking is Good for the Soul (and the Body)

Yesterday I went for a hike.  I haven’t hiked since my kids were in Boy Scouts many moons ago.   I went with a Senior Citizen’s group (55+). Given the age group,  I thought it would be easy, so even though I haven’t hiked in many years, I wasn’t too worried.  Boy was I wrong!

We arrived at the site and were told that the climb was very tough, 3 miles uphill all the way, and then 3 miles back down. Given that it P1180677has been raining non-stop for the entire month of May, the trails were muddy and slippery.  The trail was also full of rocks and roots.  Not an easy trip at all.

However, the scenery and being outdoors made it worth it.  It was breath taking and it reminded me that we don’t have to do all of our training in the gym.  Besides being refreshing for the soul, my entire body got an excellent work out.  My calves, gluts, and core were engaged all day.   My arms got a workout from swinging my walking stick as well as using them to climb over tricky spots (we had to climb over several rocks).  P1180738

I highly recommend, now that the weather has turned nice, that you get outside and get some exercise.  Whether it’s running, walking, biking, hiking, it does a body good!  P1180762





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