Working the Buddy System

Working out and staying in shape is hard work.  It is very  hard to be disciplined and stick to a routine.   How many new year’s resolutions around diet and exercise are made and broken each year?   I know I am guilty of that!

One of the best ways to stick with an exercise routine is to enlist a buddy.  Someone that will hold you accountable.  When you don’t want to go out for a run, or go to the gym, remembering that you have promised to meet someone there is a surefire way to get there.

I belonged to a gym several years ago, and there was a group of people that would go to this gym every morning before work at the ungodly hour of 5:00 am.   Talk about not being motivated to go!   But we started chatting, and decided to hold each other accountable.  If someone didn’t show up, they received an email later that day, shaming them (in good fun, of course) for not being there. It was a powerful incentive.   Not to mention we had fun working out together, and formed some lasting friendships.

Exercise is so good for you in so many ways.  If you can find a way to stick to it, and enjoy it, you will lead a healthier life for many more years than without it.  Find a buddy and go for it!

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